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Making cities cool


The biocels material is able to absorb and transport water.

As temperature rises, the stored water evaporates, cooling the surrounding area.

The biocels material doesn't absorb heat, and remains cooler than typical construction materials.

Environment-friendly and biodegradable, the biocels material can easily be decomposed after its intended lifetime.

How it works


The biocels material is composed of two layers - a hard and durable external layer and a soft, water-absorbent internal layer. The external layer allows the material to retain its shape, while the internal layer facilitates absorption and storage of water.

When temperature rises, the water stored inside the biocels material is released via evaporation, cooling the surrounding area. The internal layer doesn't need to rely on stored rainwater - it can be connected to and pull water from a water storage tank.

Even during dry months, the biocels material remains cool. Having excellent thermal properties, the biocels material is able to stay cool in scorching temperatures for longer than typical construction materials, e.g. concrete.

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