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We offer a unique learning experience suited for future’s world

Our world is currently overwhelmed by the number of challenges it has to face. At Lifbee, we understand that it is biology that offers viable solutions to these issues. We function in cooperation with experienced lecturers and mentors, who teach young talents, how to solve these challenges. 


Challenge 2020:

Urban Heat Islands

Urban heat islands form as a result of cities being covered with large asphalt areas, the presence of warm car engines, and the lack of greenery. Rising temperatures in our cities are not only unpleasant they are also dangerous.


Urban heat islands negatively affect our health, the health of our parents and grandparents. It also contributes to the increase in air pollution and resource depletion as cooling systems require the use of great amounts of our already scarce resources.


We want it to be our students who will find the solution to this issue.

We are proud of our students

Solutions connecting science, design and marketing


At biocels, we utilize unique properties of biological materials to make the world a better, cooler place.

Ecova Design

ecova logo.png

Our living green facades provide the opportunity to build greener, cooler cities and present companies in an innovative, socially responsible way. With the potential to create unique revenue stream, vertical greenery is no longer held back by immense costs.



We revolutionize the way you want to stay cool and comfortable in the clothes you wear. Our inspiration comes solely from the nature and combines biotechnology with the aim to reshape the fashion industry as we know it today.


Innovative green shutters that retain solar energy and thus keep the room cooler than the outside environment. And yes! Ecologically and without electricity.


Reinventing shading systems. Inspired by nature, we are providing sustainable technology to reduce heat-stress while maintaining strong attention to design .


Biozea fights against Urban heat islands by solving the problem of overheated parking lots. Our products evoke the feeling of parking in the woods and ensure customer’s satisfaction. Furthermore, by creating different, less and more complex versions, it can be implementable anywhere and used by everyone! Let us introduce you to the parking of the future.

Final presentation of student projects

(The video is in Slovak language)

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